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--> Link's P.O.V <--

I was dragged out of the hole by a short Kokiri...I couldn't see who it was, all I knew was someone was dragging me, by the feeling of their puny hands grabbing my ankles, I had my guess that it was someone small...By the time I was out of the hole someone stood over me while the other pinned me down so I couldn't look up, not that I wanted to, whoever it was, was standing over my head! And you may not know but most Kokiri go commando. Gross. Of course I don't...most of the time that is.

Before I knew it I was knock out by the flash of a Deku nut and shoved into a scratchy sack, most likely woven out of flowers as the scent was strong, and if your sense of smell was strong enough...

Very traceable. 

 ~~ Timeskip Takane Enomoto (Shyness Overload) [V1]   ~~


I didn't know where I was... I woke up about 10 minutes ago but pretended I was still out cold, Mido has always hated me, its not my fault Saria likes me. But I mean seriously, kidnapping me? Why would he go as far as that? Some people are just so desperate, 

I heard rumbling in the distance, light footsteps, they were getting closer and closer. 

"Looks like he's still out cold" 

"Yeah and that pesky fairy of his was a pest! I had to put him in a bottle!"

"You don't think I killed him do you?? I mean I hope he isn't in a coma either..."

"Nah man... Well I better head back to my shop, eager customers waiting to buy some more junk!"

I decided to open my eyes, -whoops bad idea-, I shut them closed that damn light was blinding!

I rubbed my recently blinded eyes and looked around. What fools! I was being held captive in Mido's house! I mentally laughed as I saw my sword in the right hand corner. I only just realized that I had rope around my hands and legs. What a pain. I shuffled towards my sword, falling on my side and occasionally my face in clumsiness.
I began to scrape the rope on my hands against it to cut my hands free, the friction caused heat and the rope exploded into a purple cloud of mist in a single *poof*.

I quickly made easy work of the reef knot tying together my legs, I have to had it to Mido, that little scout boy knows his knots. Only then did I notice a smashed jar on floor; I rubbed my head as I walked towards it carefully making sure that Mido wasn't around, my eyes scanning left and right, as I kept my ears open for any noises. 

I scrutinized the bottle and the glass shards scattered across the old, worn out deku wood floor boards. I ran my finger upon the ground and inspected my finger, looking for any left behind residue. Dust? But it's sparkling, could it be? Is this...Fairy Dust? Navi must have been in this bottle, and shaken it off the counter, she must have escaped! I tried to contain my enthusiasm but to no avail, my fairy is probably out their trying to save me as annoying as she could be, she sure had her moments. :'3 . Of course Mido heard the ruckus and stormed right in... 

You grabbed your sword and defended yourself with it, and of course this was Mido we're talking about of course he doesn't have a weapon so you felt pretty bad when you saw the little cut you made on his cheek and blood streamed down his now horrified face.

" P-Please don't kill me!" He whimpered, " Y-You.. You can have Saria just don't hurt me!"

You held back a scoff, what a self-centered little brat! No ones going to like him if he keeps acting like this...

"Get a life Mido, no ones going to like you if you only think about yourself."

The sun rose as you grabbed your shield from next to Mido's bed and ran out to find a beautiful young girl staring back at you.

"Link!" screeched Navi nearly deafening the both of you, " I'm so sorry I ran out to find help and the only one I could find was (name) !"

"Yeah uhm that'd be my queue to say 'Hi!'" (y/n) giggled nervously, a dash of pink tinted my face. A lock of (h/c) hair falling stray as she bowed softly in a half-curtsy. 

I felt my face heat up as I mumbled something resembling a greeting. (name) Just laughed and walked away beckoning me to follow as she chatted eagerly to Navi. I eagerly followed, I hope we can be friends (name) I really do....

(   Your P.O.V   )

I found myself face to face with the cutest boy I'd ever seen  Link. I felt a blushed scamper across my face, as Navi screeched worryingly, I took that as my chance to say hello 

"Yeah uhm that'd be my queue to say 'Hi!'" I giggled nervously, Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! He probably thinks your a Deku - nut case now... I bowed quickly in a sort of half curtsy in a desperate effort to conceal my glowing cheeks.

His cheeks flushed a red similar to my own and I let out a sigh of relief and amusement at his shaky greeting. I turned on my heel and waved at Link beckoning him to come as I talked to Navi. Link eagerly followed me as Navi told me that he had to talk to The Great Deku tree about a parasite...I wonder what that's going to be like...

Navi quickly turned around to Link and whispered something in his ear, my eyebrows knitted together. What's going on? What's she telling him?

Link's eyes lighted up as he beamed a toothy smile at you, Navi just laughed at the shocked expression on your face.

"What exactly did you tell him?!" I gushed whisper - screaming.

"Oh just that you were going to accompany him to The Great Deku Tree!" Navi squeaked playfully

"You...did what?" I tried to hide my shock, I didn't want Link to see that I was scared... I guess I'm gonna have to toughen up and
 accompany this strange, but cute, boy. I wonder what types of adventure will occur on our little journey...

*~*~*~* *The curtains draw * *~*~*~*

Aaand here's part two~~ 

I did it.  Llama Emoji-66 (Angry) [V3] 

One of the scariest zelda moments... EVER. ahuehuehue

sorrynotsorry<3Love me 
Tacocat333 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Cute story
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omg I like this a lot

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Hahah, I loved this story~!
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